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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 11. >> larry: new information tonight in an asheville murder case that's landed a madison county man in jail. >> darcel: and the 911 recordings we've obtained. the caller describes discovering a woman in a dumpster while outside throwing away trash. >> larry: also new information from court documents. justin, what have you learned? >> justin: well there are still a lot of questions in the case. but those documents are shedding some light about what happened friday night and what the suspect told investigators about his relationship with the victim. this was the scene friday evening after a 911 call came in to police. >> i'm at 56 central. i just went to put some trash in the dumpster. there's somebody in there. >> justin: that person would
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christina kesinger. tina to her friends. >> i'm on the corner of elm and central. she's bleeding. >> we do have help coming. can she tell you why she's bleeding? >> i have no idea. >> justin: this man, james norton used a screwdriver to stab kesinger in the head. he stole her car and drove to his mother. she called the police the next day. they indicate norton who spent the night told deputies the car belonged to his girlfriend, christina, who he had met the day before. but a spokes woman could not confirm the relationship. >> the police are all over here. they found us. i'm going to get off the phone now. >> justin: now norton is behind bars here in buncombe county jail. he's charged with murder and
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justin hinton news 13. >> larry: police are still looking for a shooter of a local high school student was shot to death. 17-year-old kyrie logan was shot to death. police are investigating several people who could be tied to the shooting. kyrie was a defensive lineman on the erwin football team. opening statements begin tomorrow morning on a murder trial in transylvania county. richard o'shields is accused of killing mathus. >> a former brevard resident testifies against a woman accused of cutting an unborn baby from her womb in colorado. michelle wilkins was 7 and a
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answered a craigslist ad for maternity clothes. the woman attacked her with a lava lamp. attacked her with a kitchen knife and removed her baby, who did not survive. ladies and gentlemen, if we elect marco rubio, every day will be a great day in america. >> larry: senator tim scott and upstate congressman trey goudy have also endorsed rubio. >> darcel: an update tonight on north carolina's redistricting crisis. governor mccrory has called an the court ordered them to be redrawn by friday. the new map makes those
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changes several other districts. the massacre in san bernardino by a couple using a fiance visa. >> larry: isis will attempt to attack the u.s. this year. makes it even more important to know who is in our country and how they're being monitored. >> darcel: jennifer emert is here with more on this process. jennifer, why does the government struggle with this? >> reporter: it all has to do with how the system is set up. and if ups could track a box around the world, you'd think the government could track individuals inside its own border. washington protocols don't go far enough. >> all this gets hot and there's nats and bugs. >> reporter: skilled labor does not grow on trees. >> even the human hand can do a lot of damage if you don't know
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important. >> if you can tell me how i can get a legal, reliable work force any other way, we'd be glad to do it. >> reporter: a lot of workers are here on an h2a visa. 600 end up in western north carolina. u.s. immigration keeps a close watch. >> they can come anytime and audit us, audit our records. >> reporter: it's one of the more regulated visa programs. >> if you do fire one or if he leaves on his own, you have to notify the immigration people within two days. that's our only responsibility. >> reporter: visas are kind of like a deck of cards. there are more than 50 major categories of visas. from fiance visas, to human trafficking. it allows you to show up at an entry checkpoint.
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enter. and the department of homeland security determines how long you can stay. >> my visa is valid for only three months. my visa was expired already, but as long as i have my i20, i can stay in the united states. >> reporter: in kim's case that comes in the form of what's called an i-20. and it's long enough for her to graduate. >> a lot of girls back home don't have the opportunity to go to school. >> reporter: back home is cambodia. >> my mom understood the importance of education. >> reporter: half a million students come to the u.s. on a visa every year. kim walked me through her visa process. >> i will get my finger scanned. they take all my paperwork before my interview. there's a section that says have you ever been in trouble?
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our government does not have a system like the united states if you've been in jail, you can check. >> reporter: congressman mark meadows agreed the process makes the u.s. vulnerable to terrorism. >> i would venture to say most terrorists might be willing to fudge the truth on some of those documents. >> reporter: two years ago the by the end of last year, there were a half million over stays. >> we need to get serious about those who come on a visa and when their visa expires, they go back home. >> reporter: of the million over stays investigated, there were only 80 convictions. >> we continue to get stone walled with regards to the visa over stay numbers. i know there was a report done in 2013 that's failed to be released. it is time you get it back to this committee. >> reporter: the responsibility
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>> they've gotta do a better job of that and work hand in glove with the state department and make sure the tools are there. >> reporter: news 13 pressed further. what's being done to fix the problem? it turns out not much. >> congress has really pushed to make sure we do that but really very little has been done since 9/11. >> reporter: fix loop holes in the visa waiver program that allows people who visited iraq, iran, sudan and syria. all they had to do was buy a plane ticket if they came to the u.s. through the 38 countries in the waiver program. tie a person's fingerprints or some sort of bio metric to the paperwork handed over to the custom's agent. >> those documents whether it's a fingerprint or an eye scan, it needs to be able to be attached to you or you could just give your documents to someone else.
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whole, it's ramping up every year. >> it definitely opened up my eyes to the world. >> reporter: congress has promised more changes to come. the government committee on oversight and reform has promised to to appear until issues with visas and over stays are involved. >> larry: what's the committee's next step? >> reporter: the chairman of the committee has asked the secretary of state to take a look and clarify how many visas in 2015 were revoked. for more details on how those revocations were done, it's an issue that we're going to continue to follow. >> darcel: breaking news in south asheville. police are on the scene of a motorcycle crash at the intersection of hendersonville and airport road. it happened about a half hour ago. we just got this video in to the news room.
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rider was speeding and looked confused. they say he was not wearing a helmet. >> larry: if you're tired of traffic back-ups near asheville's malfunction junction, it's going to be a while before the problem is fixed. up next, why a bridge project near the area has been delayed. >> darcel: and several cases of a rare illness show up in north carolina. still ahead, the connection between all of the patients. >> zack: and some chilly temperatures to finish off our wednesday. and there's a bit of a breeze. asheville right now at 16 miles per hour. and the wind chill probably feeling like 10 degrees cooler than what you're seeing on your thermometer.
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you're watching news 13 with darcel grimes, larry blunt, chief meteorologist jason boyer, and sports with stan pamfilis. this is news 13 at 11:00. >> darcel: north carolina dot says a contractor pulling out of four projects across the state is to blame for construction delay. >> larry: at the pond road bridge. news 13's jerrika insco joins us live in our mobile track. jerrika, you're driving in the area that we're talking about. >> jerrika: yes, and we're
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so you guys can see some zigzag pattern that construction has created. we're coming up on that construction now. i'll give you a live look at that. and this is what drivers want to see straightened out. now when we get up to this intersection you're going to see how much the road goes back and forth. that's the zigzag pattern that people are now calling malfunction conjunction. this portion of i-26 that crosses over pond road isn't supposed to look like this. when construction is done, it will look much different. >> yes, it will be straight. >> jerrika: but getting it done, that's the problem. department of transportation officials say the contractor deveer construction left its contract last week without finishing the job. >> most of our contracts are bonded for payment and
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so we're working with them. >> jerrika: but what everyone wants to know is when it will be done. >> we'll work out a plan. but right now, i cannot tell you when the project will be completed. hopefully as soon as we can. but that's really all i can tell you right now. >> jerrika: it's a rare circumstance but one dot promises its bonding company is taking care of. >> it's not going to cost the state and taxpayers more money. >> jerrika: the goal is to get the orange cones out of here as soon as possible creating a straight path once again here i-26. as soon as the interim contractor develops a plan and dot signs off on it, work will resume over pond road. reporting live from i-26, jerrika insco, news 13. >> larry: the next few days we
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>> darcel: meteorologist zach green is here. >> zack: it's going to be cold again in the morning hours. we're talking the 60s area wide, folks. who is going to see it and how long is that warm fetch going to last? i'll show you coming up after the break. >> larry: and a young girl spends hours on a plane diverted from charlotte. coming up a little later. why her parents ended up spending much of that time in their car trying to find her. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> zack: it's certainly evening, folks, and a bit breezy. there's high pressure across the central plain leading to the west. a deeper trough that's bringing in chilly temperatures. asheville sitting at 34 degrees. we're colder still than washington as well as new york city. all of that warmer air is going to be pushing off to the east and we're going to be seeing some of those effects as we make our way into the weekend. you see those winds? it is going to be breezy to say the least in the overnight hours. those wind chill values are going to be a bit chilly for thursday. sunshine is certainly going to help warm things up. 40 degrees in greenville. maybe feeling a little bit cooler with that wind at 10
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you see those wind chill values dropping down in to the low and single digits. as you're heading out the door tomorrow morning, when the kids are going to the bus stop, make sure you grab the heavier jacket, gloves, and hat. but in the afternoon hours we're going to be shedding some of that stuff. we're going to bring back the sunshine. as for warmer temperatures they're going to be coming through as well. you see it up and down the eastern seaboard. few showers as we make our way in to the second half of the weekend. certainly maybe the next three, four, maybe even five days. not a whole lot of concern. you still see those northwesterly winds. that's where you see those chilly temperatures. the cloud cover is not going to be seen across our region. we're going to keep things clear overnight. sunny side for tomorrow. thursday is looking absolutely
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much more of the same with warmer temperatures getting closer to that 60 degree mark as we make our way to the late day. again, as we head overnight, here's your chilly temperatures. 23 in newland. 24 in burnsville. getting closer to the freezing point in some mountain locations i think down in the upstate. greer registering 31. clemson at that 32 mark. afternoon highs tomorrow, looking mild for this time of year. many areas 50s. look further west, closer to the 60s. much more the same as we head further south. there it is, warmer temperature still. 61 on saturday. 61 on sunday. we start to see that shake up just a little bit. that warm weather is certainly going to be welcomed as you saw some chilly air for the past few weekends. i think that warmer air is going to be the trend as we make our way in to march. not a whole lot of activity to be speaking of as we head thursday, friday, saturday,
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isolated showers on the second half of the weekend. the rainy stuff is going to be heading our direction with an
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officials are monitoring several cases of mumps in charlotte and surrounding counties, two cases are confirmed and there are six more cases. the two confirmed cases are ones who work together. >> darcel: 11-year-old daughter spent nine hours on an american airlines plane that was diverted to columbia. conflicting stories about where their daughter was and drove back and forth between columbia and charlotte several times. american blames bad weather and a problem with the plane. >> larry: governor mccrory makes good on the super bowl bet he made with denver's governor. the donation of frozen turkey
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food bank. and pet food to an animal shelter. >> darcel: some call it the greatest rivalry in sports.
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duke makes the short drive to >> stan: the game of the year in college hoops duke-carolina tonight.
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was bryce johnson. johnson has been a revelation this year. check this out. wow. 18 in the first half. depleted duke answers with grayson allen with three from the outside. he cuts that lead to 4. that was half time. allen with 23. johnson keeps it up in the second half. keeps it away from plumlee and flushes it. unc up seven. brandon ingram keeps duke. duke outscores carolina. they stun the tar heels 74-73. clemson hosting boston college tonight. tigers down three when dante graham hits one from the corner. avery holmes, he drives, he spins, he scores. he had 17.
11:30 pm
this guy's been great all year. he had 23. 65-64. 6 and 18 anderson at 4 and 20 brevard. drive and won the old fashioned way. moments later, it's deja vu all over again. here he goes again. he scores 25. that's all they needed to get their fifth win. the comeback win. the men on the road thursday at press be teern only two teams in the mac 4a. roberson jumps all over them
11:31 pm
cameron jensen drives. she misses this time. but there is another jensen, kara. check out the three pointer. and one from cheyenne from the corner. roberson wins it big over mcdowell. mcdowell has the top seed. let's go to the boys game. try to hang in there. nice move in. here come the titans. he lays it in. back up 11. mcdowell winning 64 to 48. they're tough. >> zack: it was a pretty fascinating game. warmer weather on the way, guys, wednesday and friday. dry through the first half of the weekend. warm to say the least. 61 saturday and sunday. >> larry: we'll take it.
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